All You Need To Know About JR Bearing!

What Is Jr Bearings?

JR bearings can be described as tapered roller bearings. Tapered roller bearings can have one, two or four rows depending on the number of rollers. Bearings that have a single row can support both unidirectional and radial axial loads. The JR bearing (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide JR, which is the term in Thai) is subject to a radial load. It also generates an axial component for the bearing. A counterbalancing bearing can be used to take on the axial force from the opposite direction.

How To Use It

It is used extensively in the automotive, rolling mills, mining, metallurgical and plastics industries. The outer ring houses the inner ring and the tapered rollers of a single row tapered roller bearing. The inner ring can be disassembled without removing the outer ring. The ISO standard for tapered rolling bearings states that any type of standard tapered roller bearing inner ring or outer ring assembly should be capable of internationalization through exchanging the same inner ring or outer ring. This means that the cone angle and component diameter of the inner-ring component must meet the exchange criteria.

Types Of Roller Bears

Single-row tapered roller bearings need a sharp angle between 10 and 19 degrees in their outer ring raceway to support axial loads and radial loads. The greater the cone angle, it is able to withstand more axial forces. Bearings with significant taper angles can be identified by adding the letter B after the part number. This indicates that the taper angle ranges between 25-29 degrees. The bearing’s outer ring and inner rings can be used as a unit. The inner and outer rings have small ends that are separated by a spacer. The gap can be modified by changing the thickness of the spacer.

Pre-interference in double-row tapered roller bearings can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the spacer. These bearings are made up of four-row tapered rollers. Although it performs similarly to double-row tapered bearing bearings, it can carry a greater radial load and achieve a slower maximum speed. This material is used primarily by heavy equipment such as rolling mills. You can improve the performance and sealing effectiveness of your bearings by creating a unique design. This is a departure from standard fully sealed bearings. It seals and keeps dust out.

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