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Upgrade Traditional Shower Set To Mixer Showers

Are you tired of looking at your old and traditional shower set? Now can be the right time to choose the right type of shower for your modern bathroom. Some say it is difficult to do so, especially when replacing the existing shower. This is why a selection of shower options is available with a range of shower mixer taps that can transform your outdated shower into this sophisticated one.

Mixer shower

The mixer shower connects both hot and cold water supplied at home. It mixes the hot and cold water in the valve before it is sent to the shower head where water comes out. It comes with a normal stronger flow compared to the electric shower. The flow is dependent on the water pressure system.

The temperature and water flow either be controlled through the shower valve or by adjusting the bath taps. It depends on the type of mixer shower you purchased. Whichever you select, it can give a fine control to ensure you choose whatever temperature you want.

Is a mixer shower the right tap for you?

It is essential to check when the mixer works at your home water system before buying. While many are equipped to work with any system, others only work with high-pressure systems or low-pressure systems. If you have a low-pressure system, you can add a shower pump to increase the flow rate.

Types of mixer showers

Here are the different types of mixer showers are:

  • Concealed valve. If you are looking for a minimalistic and sleek look for the shower, a concealed valve is a wonderful choice. All the shower workings are neatly hidden behind the shower wall, except for the shower head and controls.
  • Exposed valve. It leaves nothing hidden behind the wall that creates a less streamlined look but makes it easier to access when any fixes are needed.
  • Bar mixer showers. Bar mixer showers have 2 controls but are both on one bar. One control is the water flow, while the other manager’s temperature. They can have a diverter, instead of the flow controls, allowing you to switch the water between the overflow shower head, and then separate the shower handset. Bar mixer showers can be both horizontal and vertical models.
  • Sequential mixer showers. It is the simplest to use, thanks to the single rotary control. The downside of this is that you can’t control the flow rate. As with the single lever mixer shower, you may buy this type in, either concealed or exposed form.

More options for shower mixer taps are available to choose from.

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