Best Places to Live Near Chicago 

Next to cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, Chicago is one of the United States’ “big player” cities. Not only does it boast of having the third largest population in the United States today, but living near Chicago offers many great amenities, cultural events, and entertainment venues.

Having a moving company help your family relocate near Chicago will afford it many benefits, too. Chicago movers have been in many areas and found that the housing is safe, and yet it’s also cleaner and more affordable than it is in other big cities. In fact, thanks to Daniel Burnham’s vision (the designer and architect behind Chicago’s master rebuilding strategy following 1871’s infamous fire), there are also numerous parks throughout the area. Originally, Burnham’s goal was that every citizen be located within walking distance of a park. This is an objective the city has come pretty close to meeting.

There really are a lot of great reasons to relocate here today.

Where should you move near Chicago?

Regardless of whether these Windy City facts are enticing you to call on Chicago movers for help with relocation or if you were already planning to move to the area, you’ll want to know something about the neighborhoods (e.g., schools, safety, affordability, amenities). With this in mind, here are some of the neighborhoods near Chicago you should talk to your moving company about.


Residents of this area will tell you that this is one of the best places to live since it’s a big city neighborhood with a small neighborhood feeling. Ask any moving company, and they’ll tell you that this is the kind of place where your 9-year-old child could safely ride their bike or go to the local park without having an adult accompany them. Considering that you’re in a city with a high crime rate, this is great news that Chicago movers are able to share with you. Besides feeling safe here, you’ll also find a nice selection of public and private schools (e.g., Ridge Academy, Beverly Montessori, St. Barnabas School) available for your children to attend. So, overall, this is a great, family-friendly neighborhood.


This neighborhood finds itself on the list of the ten safest neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s also been referred to as a “family’s dream” location. Part of this is because it has a lot of great public and private schools (e.g., Nicholas Senn High School, Sacred Heart School, Northside Catholic Academy, Montessori Gifted Prep).

Hyde Park

This is another area that many Chicago movers rave about. It’s a great place to raise children who can then stay at home while attending college at the University of Chicago. There really is a wide assortment of public and private elementary, middle, and high schools for families to choose from.

Sauganash/Forest Glen

Ask any moving company, and they’ll give this neighborhood high marks for safety. This is probably because there’s a police station right in the neighborhood. There are also some pretty good schools here too (e.g., Sauganash Elementary).

Edison Park

Overall, the schools in this area tend to rank a bit lower than average, but they’re still decent. One of the biggest reasons people like this area, though, is that the crime rate is low, especially when compared to both Chicago and national averages.

Which moving company should you hire to help you relocate near Chicago today?

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