Exploring the Convenience and Comfort of Horse Float Campers

Interested in exploring new trails with your horse, but dread the hassle of separate trailers and campsites? Horse float campers offer a revolutionary solution for equestrian travel!

A horse float camper essentially functions as two parts in one. The rear portion acts as a traditional horse trailer, providing a secure and comfortable compartment for your equine companion. Depending on the model, such as a 2 horse straight load float’s dimensions, dividers may be included to separate horses for added safety and reduced stress.

Now that you know more about horse floats, here are the five key benefits that come with owning one:

Enhanced Convenience

Imagine hitching up a single unit that can house both your horse and your living quarters. With a horse float, you no longer have to arrange separate trailers and accommodations. They can streamline the process, saving you valuable time and simplifying travel logistics.


Owning a horse float can translate to significant cost savings in the long run. Eliminating the need to rent trailers for every trip frees up your budget. Additionally, depending on your chosen campsite, you might save on fees typically associated with separate horse trailers and living spaces.

Increased Flexibility

Spontaneity becomes a possibility with a horse float. Fancy a last-minute trail ride or a surprise visit to a competition? With everything you need readily available, you can seize the opportunity and hit the road with minimal preparation time. This flexibility allows you to embrace a more adventurous lifestyle with your horse.

Improved Equine Comfort

Horse floats prioritize your horse’s well-being during travel. Spacious compartments provide ample room to stand comfortably, while ventilation systems ensure good air circulation. Additionally, padded floors offer cushioning and traction for hooves, minimizing stress and potential injuries during the journey.

Peace of Mind

Owning your horse float allows you to maintain control over the transportation environment. You can ensure the trailer is clean, well-maintained, and equipped to meet your horse’s specific needs. This sense of control translates to peace of mind, knowing your equine companion is traveling comfortably and safely.


Horse float campers combine a secure horse compartment with your living quarters in one unit. This eliminates the need for separate trailers and campsites, offering convenience, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, improved horse comfort, and peace of mind for horse owners.

Looking for a camper horse float that seamlessly blends elegance, functionality, and safety? Look no further than EuroFloat, a premier provider of premium and affordable horse floats in Australia. Visit their website here today to explore their exceptional range of horse float campers.

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