Few Easy to Follow Tips to Prepare Your Car for Its Transport

Many US natives prefer to ship their cars to different locations due to varied reasons. They hire the services of reputable auto transporter through offline or online modes. However, people who are transporting their car first time, remain confused as they are unaware of how to prepare the car to transport safely.

Many reputable vehicle transporters ready to provide across the country shipping services provide valuable suggestions to their client at their company’s website. One of the most popular shippers of vehicles in the US like Ship a Car, Inc has posted many useful tips to prepare the vehicle before shipping it. You can know more about their suggestions by visiting their website,

Tips to prepare your vehicle before transportation:

  • Wash the car – Many car owners neglect to do it and thus aren’t able to take good pictures of the car. It is essential to take close snapshots of the car before it is shipped out. The pics act as evidence when unfortunately if your vehicle gets damaged and need to claim insurance.
  • You need to clean the interior of the car before the driver of the transporter’s company picks up the car. Any movable objects, expensive accessories, or any things you feel can get damaged need to be removed before you lock the car. Many even remove electronic gadgets like DVD players and GPD devices and car chargers.
  • Ask your car insurance agent whether there are any added papers needed to ship the car to any other states in the US. It is better to prepare the required papers before the vehicle is shipped to avoid delay.
  • People opting for open carrier transportation for shipping their car need to cover their vehicle interior with dusted clothes and bed covers pinned up nicely.
  • You can check the radiator, battery and tires before shipping the car. The battery should be fully charged and the tires inflated. It will help to easily drive the vehicle to and from the transporter’s yard.
  • It will be beneficial if you give your car for service before shipping it out. It helps to rectify major and minor problems with the car. Moreover, when it reaches the destination, there won’t be any need to service it.
  • You need to notify the transporter staff if your car isn’t moving so that they arrange the loading and unloading of it accordingly.
  • The gas fuel can be half filled or even one-fourth is adequate as it can be filled again once the car is delivered to your given address. It is a safeguard technique to prevent fire or explosion of the car while it is shipped.
  • You need to remove all the auto toll gate tags and deactivate the alarms. The alarm would disturb the driver as its ringing will worry him. He may feel something is wrong happening in the trailer. No activation of toll gate tags would debit fees automatically whenever the carrier crosses the toll gates.

Enjoy shipping your car by contacting trustable transporters such as Ship a Car, Inc.

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