Know About the Famous TVC Ads Launched by Catch Masala Over the Years

Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey through the memorable TV commercials that have defined DS Group’s Catch Masala over the years! A brand synonymous with taste and quality, Catch Salts and Spices has always pushed the boundaries of advertising, creating iconic ads that are not just visually stunning but resonate emotionally with audiences. Whether it’s their catchy jingles, relatable storylines, or the sheer culinary artistry they display, these TVCs have made an indelible imprint on the collective Indian psyche.

Let’s dive deep into the captivating world of Catch Masala’s most famous TV commercials, exploring how they have spiced up our lives, one ad at a time!

2022 – ‘Kyuki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota’ by DS Spiceco

In 2022, DS Spiceco launched a new campaign for Catch Salts & Spices, emphasizing the concept that food is more than just sustenance; it’s about creating memories, fostering connections, and upholding traditions. The campaign featured Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar and aimed to position Catch as the heart of Indian cuisine.

Through TVCs, the campaign also emphasized the role of spices in Indian cuisine. Catch Salts & Spices has positioned itself as the brand that understands the nuances of Indian cooking and provides the perfect spices to enhance every dish. Thus, the campaign was designed to resonate with Indian consumers on an emotional level and established Catch Salts & Spices as an indispensable part of Indian kitchens.

2022 – Catch Launched a New Campaign for its Flagship Category, the Sprinklers

DS Spiceco launched a TVC for its flagship product—Catch Sprinklers in 2022. In an age where uniqueness is celebrated, this delightful campaign turned the spotlight on identical twins to make an intriguing point about individuality in taste preferences.

The commercial kicked off with a charming set of identical twin boys, decked in indistinguishable outfits, right down to the minutest detail. From admiring their mirror reflections to synchronizing their high-fives, they were like two peas in a pod. The narrative took viewers on a visual journey through a series of everyday activities: the twins were identical tumble and reacting uniformly to a horror flick. Each sequence was crafted meticulously to underline their similarities, almost to the point of predictability.

However, it was at the dining table that the story took a compelling twist. Both twins were armed with Catch Sprinklers, and for a moment, it seemed as if they’d reach for the same bottle. But no! One went for the Chaat Masala, and the other for Black Salt. The expressions that crossed their faces, a mixture of surprise and self-awareness, painted a picture more vivid than words. It was a eureka moment for the viewers, perfectly encapsulating the campaign’s essence: ‘You may be same in all aspects, but your taste will always differ.’

The voice-over delivered the kicker: ‘Aap kitne bhi same kyun na ho, taste toh same kabhi nahin hota. Isliye Catch ke paas hai sabke taste ka match, 100%.’ (However similar you may be, your taste will never be the same. That’s why Catch has a match for every taste, 100%).

This campaign beautifully captured the universality and yet the uniqueness of human taste preferences, driving home the point that while we may share many similarities with those around us, our culinary delights remain uniquely our own. And for each of these unique flavours, Catch Sprinklers promises a perfect match.

2021 – Catch Spices Uplifted 2021 with ‘Umeedon ka Saal’ Campaign

In 2020, society faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was ‘Hope’ that provided the much-needed inspiration to begin anew. To echo this sentiment, Catch Salt & Spices by DS Group launched a year-long campaign in 2021, dubbed ‘Umeedon Ka Saal,’ which served as a tribute to the optimism and promise of a fresh start.

The brand had introduced a variety of offers and activities to engage consumers throughout the year. Initiating the campaign was a digital film called ‘Catch Umeedon ka Saal,’ promoted extensively across social and digital media platforms. The film skilfully portrayed the emotional depth achieved through the act of cooking for loved ones. Focused on the joyful domestic scenes centred around food, the film effectively added a layer of taste and exhilaration to everyday life.

The underlying message was clear: whenever hope was summoned from the heart, Catch was there to season that experience with its trademark finesse.

2018 – Vidya Balan Brought a Twist of Humour and Unmatched Quality in New Catch Spices TVC

In a sizzling new TVC featuring Vidya Balan, the DS Group food brand Catch Salts & Spices rolled out its refreshed tagline, ‘Catch ka koi match nahin. 100%’ in the year 2018.

Focused on innovation and unmatched quality, the has brand cemented its spot in modern Indian kitchens. Thus, the commercial showed Vidya as a savvy wife who skilfully delegated chores to her food-loving husband in exchange for her delicious meals. Through a comedic narrative, the husband was so enamoured by Vidya’s cooking that he happily took on her tasks. When praised for her influence over her husband, Vidya credited the magic to Catch Spices, dubbing them the real hero behind her culinary prowess.

In summary, these TVCs from Catch Spices don’t just sell a product; they tell a story. The campaigns effortlessly weave product quality into real-life situations. They go beyond traditional marketing to engage the viewer, leaving an aftertaste that’s as memorable as the spices themselves.

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