Orijen: Nourish as Nature Intended.

About Orijen Pet Foods. 

Reinhard Muhlenfeld founded Orijen Pet Food in 1985. Muhlenfeld was motivated to launch Orijen after becoming worried about the quality of conventional pet food. He realized that pets were not receiving the nutrients they need to grow, so he set out to develop a pet diet produced with real, whole products and based on biological suitability principles. Orijen products are prepared with 100% fresh, whole ingredients and are devoid of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. The food is also grain-free and is designed to suit the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Orijen Pet Food is an excellent choice for pet parents looking for high-quality, biologically appropriate pet food that will help their pets live longer, healthier lives.

Company Philosophy

The concept of “Biologically Appropriate Nutrition” serves as the foundation for Orijen Pet Food Company’s philosophy. They are certain that pets are healthier when provided a diet that corresponds to their biological demands and evolutionary background. Orijen’s thorough ingredient selection demonstrates its commitment to this philosophy by acquiring only the best and freshest raw materials from reputable vendors. What distinguishes them is their commitment to preparing their recipes in actual kitchens rather than sterile factories, ensuring the finest quality and taste. Orijen combines scientific knowledge with a thorough understanding of animal biology to design recipes that offer appropriate nutrition and enhance pets’ overall health and vigor. Their persistent emphasis on biologically appropriate nutrition is at the center of everything they do, as they seek to offer pets the food they instinctively want.

About Orijen Pet Food Products

Ingredients and Popular Products.

Here are some of the ingredients used in Orijen Pet Food and some of their popular products:

  • Whole, fresh meats. Fresh, whole meats are the initial component in all of Orijen’s products. This includes poultry, beef, turkey, lamb, and fish.
  • Organs and cartilage. Orijen’s diet also contains organs and cartilage, which are rich in nutrients that are sometimes lacking in commercial pet feeds.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Orijen’s food also includes vegetables and fruits, which are high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics. Orijen also adds prebiotics and probiotics in their meals, which are excellent for intestinal health.

Some of the most popular Orijen Pet Food products include:

  • Original Orijen. This grain-free recipe contains fresh, entire meats, organs, and cartilage. It’s suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.
  • Orijen Regional Red. This grain-free recipe contains fresh, regional meats, organs, and cartilage. It is an excellent alternative for dogs that need a high-protein diet.
  • Orijen Tundra. This grain-free mix contains fresh, wild-caught fish, organs, and cartilage. It is an excellent alternative for cats that need a high-protein diet.

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