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Powerful Pilates Promotion: Ten Marketing Tips for a Successful Program

Marketing is the key to a successful Pilates program. Without a marketing plan, many clubs, studios, and fitness centres launch a Pilates program and then wonder where their customers are—ten things to remember when establishing and maintaining a successful Pilates program.


  1. Internally educate yourself


Communication is key. It is essential for health clubs and wellness centres where Pilates is only one of the many activities offered so that all staff members – from administrators to instructors of other activities- know what’s going on and can answer any questions from clients. Demonstrations are a great way to introduce staff to Pilates. Send them emails regularly to keep them informed about your program. Invite them to participate in mat or equipment classes.


  1. Marketing to your members


It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how few facilities do this. In your newsletter, let members know what’s happening in the Pilates sessions. You can print flyers explaining Pilates’s benefits to your members and encourage them to participate. Invite them to a free Reformer group class or offer introductory group or private session pricing.


  1. External Networking


It is essential to do this, especially for studios or wellness centres looking to expand their clientele. Meet people in the real world! Visit local businesses and schools. Offer them an introductory special. One of our customers, for example, held a free mat class at their club to attract local high school girls. It was such a positive response that many mothers of girls in the club joined after hearing about how much fun their daughters had.


You can also offer limited-time sessions in a local building to get their attention.


Kickstart your Pilates business in Minnesota.


Nestled in the heartland of America, Minnesota is a beautiful state known for its stunning natural beauty, friendly communities, and thriving economy. Minnesota offers a favourable environment for those aspiring to start a Pilates business. With its health-conscious population and a growing interest in wellness practices, the state presents a ripe opportunity to establish a successful Pilates venture. From the bustling Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to the scenic landscapes of the North Shore and the abundance of suburban communities, Minnesota provides a diverse market for Pilates enthusiasts. With a supportive network of fitness enthusiasts, health clubs, and wellness centres, Minnesota offers a nurturing ecosystem where you can bring your passion for Pilates to life and build a thriving business that caters to the local community’s well-being.


When working as a pilates instructor, it’s wise to explore the option of e&o insurance in Minnesota. You can secure your career and financial well-being by knowing the appropriate insurance for your needs.



  1. Create Specialty Classes


Do you have clients or members who share a similar bond or interest? Create classes to bring them together! Customers all over the nation offer special courses to a specific demographic. They include:


  • Men Only
  • Skiers
  • Postnatal mothers
  • Cyclists
  • Aged Adults
  • Equestrians
  • Golfers


  1. Pricing Your Sessions Correctly


Private sessions range between $50 and $100. It is essential to know where your studio, club or centre is located. A club located in Fargo, North Dakota, will only be able to charge a different price than a studio or club in New York City. Get pricing from other clubs and studios in your area to help you determine how much to charge.



  1. Reward Your Die-Hards!


Reward your loyal members. Gold Cards that offer a discounted fee or free classes for those who attend so many sessions can be created. Create T-shirts to thank your Gold Club members.



  1. Drop-in passes


On the other side of this tip, it is also a great idea to create a pass or card that allows non-members to a club or studio or non-clients to a wellness centre to come in and take classes for a price higher than the members’ rate. If they enjoy what they see, they will likely return regularly.



  1. Cross-promote Your Classes


You can do this within your Pilates program and through other activities. You can offer free group reformer sessions to participants in your mat classes or free private sessions to members of a group class. You can also create external promotions to encourage people to try other programs, such as yoga or spin. Offer them a free trial session before or following their class. This is especially effective with weightlifting or cardio programs because the Pilates stretching will help improve their core control and alignment.


  1. Location, location, location


Pilates is a mind/body activity that requires concentration. A calm environment is essential. Your clients should be able to escape from the daily grind for a little while. If you are looking to open a new studio, the location chosen must be away from a lot of noise. If you are running a Pilates program in a club, make sure that the space designated for it is away from other loud activities like spin classes or basketball courts.


  1. Referral Program


You can reward a customer or member who has invited a friend to attend your session or class by offering them a class at a reduced or free rate.


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