Pros and Cons of Drug Testing in Employment Screening

Whether you are a construction company near Clearwater or a factory in Tampa, the main goal businesses have is keeping their work zone and employees safe. One measure to keep employees and businesses protected is drug testing.

When thinking about implementing an employment screening plan, a business needs to consider the four predominant components that drug testing does. Employers need to think about the expense, reducing risks, speed, and the overall applicant encounter.

A business that believes in reducing risks needs to contemplate a drug-free work zone plan. Employment screening is efficient in avoiding mishaps, wellness problems and expenses, absences, and legal proceedings. Drug testing may shield staff from being hurt and increase productiveness.

Nevertheless, drug testing might likewise be costly, slowing down the hiring operation and adversely affecting the applicant experience.

Typically, management decides to use drug testing at various times, such as before employment, haphazardly, after a mishap (such as a fatality), and when noticeable actions drive rational doubt. Such examples of this may be speech that is slurred or smelling like alcohol or drugs.

Each region has its own regulations. Therefore, companies must be familiar with them. In certain places, drug testing is illegal unless the federal government demands it. If your business operates in multiple states, they must be well-versed with the laws in each state.

The federal government has explained that the majority of businesses’ employment screening plans are admissible under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but management is required to be cautious not to execute post-accident testing procedures that are noted in such a manner as to discourage staff from disclosing mishaps. For instance, instead of stating, “All staff that were part of any incident will be tested for drug use,” management might wish to just test employees who may have truly been a part of the mishap.

What happens if a staff looks like they are under the influence? It is suggested that all workplaces devise a plan to screen staff for sensible doubt should they display actions that might denote inebriation.

Workplaces need to examine the security hazards that are associated with the job, no matter what position they hold. Staff who hold general office jobs may not possess much of a risk, but places of work should possess a compelling reason to do an employment screen for safety-sensitive roles.

Understand that businesses may possess diverse drug-testing regulations for different jobs. “Drug-free-employment plans are all about prevention and reducing the risk. Therefore, employers who decide drug testing is not for them can still watch for execution problems that could occur from drug or alcohol misuse.

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