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Self-Storage Units V/S Container Storage

You don’t need a storage unit until you think about it. Self-storage is a common space rented by various companies to individuals. It is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. You can rent up a storage unit for any purpose. If you reside in Phoenix and you need one for your personal use, there are various moving companies in Phoenix that provide storage services. You can even store your vehicles and caravans at some storage units.

Coming to its types, you can group storage facilities into two categories- Self Storage Units and Container Storage. Now, you will ask, what is the difference between the two when both serve the same purpose? Well, we are here to help you in clearing this query in your mind. Therefore, this article will discuss the difference between the two and the points to consider while choosing one for you.

Self-Storage Units:

Most of the self-storage units are indoors. These are individual storage units that are specifically built for storage. These rooms can be as small as a 3’ x 3’ x 3’ locker or a 300 square foot space or even larger as per your need. The construction of these lockers can vary from corrugated walls to flat walls made of aluminum-zinc with a height between 6-10 feet. 

These units are constructed inside a large building that has the benefit of it being safe and secure. Many Phoenix moving companies have storage facilities that have various facilities which, include 24×7 surveillance, intruder alarms, entry systems, secured fenced buildings and fire alarms, etc. And, such features vary from company to company.

Container Storage

These storage areas are empty shipping containers that are used as rented storage space. These spaces are placed in a permanent location. However, these containers can be rented, bought, or even delivered to you if you have a specific area in your premises. These containers are manufactured with steel, and their length is around 10’, 20’, or 40 feet. 

Their features also vary from company to company, including CCTV footage, a fenced perimeter, and 24×7 electricity. Moreover, Phoenix movers has a lot of options of container storage for you all.

Points To Consider:


    • Location: Ensure the location of the storage space you are going for. Is it near your house? Is it in a secure location?
  • Access: Make sure to ask questions like is it time restricted or you can come any time of the day when you need some things? As some self-storage is time bound. There are particular hours of entry. 
  • Security: Security is the most important thing when you are giving your items to other people. Make sure that there is security access, live CCTV and a fenced building. 

Whether you want to store your personal items or some business-related items, choose wisely. The points mentioned above are just some points that give you a basic idea of choosing the storage space, but you have to take some measures yourself as these are of great value to you. Compare different companies and storage spaces, and then take your step. 

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