Slide Car Rama 4 Will Help Decode All Vehicle Problems In A Few Easy Steps

Suppose you have planned a long drive with your family and friends to spend some quality time on the weekends. The hotel rooms are booked, and all of you are pretty excited and have made plans for activities and fun you will do during weekends. But suddenly, your break breaks down in the middle of the road, and there is no way out to resolve it instantly. At this moment, Slide car Rama 4 (รถสไลด์พระราม4, which is the term in Thai) will help you get over your problem.

What Is Their Job?

So Rama 4 is a kind of forklift that will help resolve any vehicle issue in a minute. Suppose your vehicle has gotten punctured or locked the doors while keeping the keys inside. Most importantly, if your car has had an accident, they will extend their helping hands to straighten things up easily. Broken cars, car crashes, tyre punctures, ran out of fuel, and all vehicle-related issues are taken seriously.

What Type Of Issues Do They Face?

  1. If any of the cars crash badly or the driver is unable to move, this slide-car service will reach your destination, fix the issue, or take the vehicle to their service center.
  2. If the car falls on a pond or gets stuck in the mud, then they have a few advanced machinery that will help in lifting the vehicle without damaging it. Cars and bikes are heavy machinery that can’t be moved by any human hands. Only tow trucks or slide cars can help.
  3. They are not only busy carrying the damaged or deceased cars but if you are busy in your office meetings and unable to pick up your chosen car on time, then these Slide Car Rama 4 will help you deliver your brand new car to your doorsteps.
  4. Motorbike services are also available, as they provide affordable prices for their services.

How Will They Be Booked?

Through online they can be booked, they normally give advertisements for their services on different social platforms. Before reaching your destination, they will ask you to fill out a form to mention all your queries and, most importantly, the reason for calling their services. Once done, they will reach the location mentioned by the customer. Examining the car, they will help you start your car or find your keys by opening the lock with their advanced technology. They are active 24 hours and a handful of experienced persons can understand it instantly.


If you get stuck in the middle of the road, try not to panic. We live in a technologically advanced era, so every problem has its solution. Contact an authenticated slide-car service centre without waiting for a mechanic to come in the middle of the road.

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