The Significant Factors of Mobile Archiving

The Significant Factors of Mobile Archiving

In this digitalized world, everything is possible withjust one click of a button. Individuals can purchase anything through their mobile phones, computers, or laptops. With all these developments, scammers and fraudsters are enhancing their tools and strategies.

This is why there is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This organization is widely known because they protect investors by maintaining its securities market. Aside from SEC, there is also the Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA) which focuses on writing and implementing regulations governing licensed brokers and broker-dealer firms in the United States.

These two works together to examine the following constituents:

  • Broker practices
  • Sharing marketmonitoring data
  • In alliance with enforcement actions

They all do these through mobile archiving. Nonetheless, what are the benefits that companies can obtain with this solution?

Learning More About Mobile Archiving

This is the resolution these organizations devised to sort out any fraudulent activities possible on mobile devices. Hence, financial companies are obligated to do text and call archiving in any form of transactions, like:

  • B2B (business-to-business)
  • Employer to employer
  • Employer to customer

What benefits can these financial and brokerage firms gain from this solution?


The retention of all these documented histories is highly essential. These companies can make good use of it atperfect times. They are operable whether it is verifying some info or it is evidence for a case.

Enhances Agent’s Performance

These records can also improve an individual’s work. If there is a case where a consumer is not satisfied with the service, managers can track it through their records and see where the agent lacked. They can use it to help them improve their handling ofcustomer service by providing training and guidance.

This is a great advantage since this will help them deliver persistent, high-quality customer care.

Prevention of Data Loss

Losing information is a problem fora company, whether for its operations or customers. Data is considered the backbone of every firm. Losing it could damage their reputation and business functions.

These are some factors an individual needs to know regarding mobile archiving and its relation to the enterprise’s communication compliance. Learn more about why SEC is now focusing more on this conformity policy in the infographic below, created and designed by TeleMessage:


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