What Do You Need To Know About Single Eyelids?

It is very important for you to embrace the uniqueness of every eye shape. It is important to highlight your individual charm. In this guide you can learn everything about Single eyelid (ตาชั้นเดียว which is also a term in Thai) and how to identify if you have them. You can also check out different ways to accentuate them using makeup or eye selections.

Basics About Monolids

Monolids is prominently known as single eyelid or epicanthal fold. It is a condition where your eyelid lacks a visible crease. You might exhibit smooth skin from the inner corner of your eye to the brow bone without a unique fold separating then lead into upper and the lower part. You might find this feature completely common among people of East Asian descent. But this is also common in other ethnicities.

The Different Types Of Eye Shapes

  • Monolids are ideally eyelids which sit flush within the brow bone. It lacks a visible crease. You can have this condition because of hereditary genes.
  • Double eyelids is characterized by an arc shaped crease you can find it between your lashes and eyebrows it can either be hereditary or you can also achieve it through cosmetic procedures
  • Hooded eyelid is ideally the skin below the brow bone it folds over the upper eyelid area it might not have a visible crease when you’re looking straight ahead. It can either be hereditary or you can get it as you age.

Improving Monolids With Makeup

Gradient Smokey Eye

You can use matte eye shadow to create softly diffused ombre effect. You can start with the darkest shade near the lash line and then you can blend lighter colors towards the brow bone. It can help you improve the depth and widen of your eyes.

Shimmer Accents

You can add sparkle to your eyelids with shimmer eye shadows. You need to apply the shimmer eye shadows to the center. This trick truly catches lights creates the right dimension and can be extended to the lower lash line for a larger appearance.

Eyeliner Techniques

You can use eyeliner to accentuate your single eyelids. You can use liquid liner by starting 1/3 from the inner corner flicking outward towards the brow tip you must keep the line thin and elongated extending it outward instead of upward and optionally extended towards the inner corners of your eyes

This is all you need to know about single eyelids.

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