Which multivitamins are best?

Health supplements have been around in the market for decades and almost a century by now. Health benefits of such supplements has been passed down generations and backed up by science discoveries or studies. Supplements existed in the market in many forms and made up with different active ingredients. Such variations aim to help cater the needs of people with many kinds of health concerns and make it convenient or accessible to many people either your or old. One of the most prominent health supplements that has been believed to promise lots of health benefits are multivitamins.

Multivitamins in general consist of essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body to function well. Typically, most multivitamins contain essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D and E with essential minerals such as zinc and iron. Some multivitamins are made with additional ingredients such as omega-3 and taurine to provide more health benefits. There are many forms of multivitamin available in the market such as tablet, capsule, powder, syrup and recently famous, chewable gummies. Since there are many different forms and brands in the market, consumers can get easily confused or overwhelmed by the array of choices. This leads to which multivitamin best suits them.

To answer this may not seem simple and straightforward due to the vast multivitamin products in many different shapes and sizes. Fortunately, there are tips available on choosing which multivitamin that may be the best one available in the market.

1)  Safe multivitamin- Making sure the multivitamin is safe is the most important factor for a best multivitamin. It should be approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA). You can check this by directly visiting their website.

2)  Multivitamins containing all essential micronutrients- A good multivitamin should consist of all 13 essential vitamins and minerals. Simply by making sure a tablet of multivitamin consists of all of these, you are really making sure the body receives the perfect essential nutrients for the body.

3)  Multivitamins made with the right dosage- Simply by reading the product’s label should give clear information on the active ingredients and its dosage. The concentration or dosage of each ingredient should be within the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Recommended Nutrients Intakes (RNI). By following the RDA or RNI, the body will get the sufficient nutrients of what a multivitamin can offer. Furthermore, ingredients or nutrients exceeding the recommended amount does not benefit the human body and may even lead to potential toxicity.

4)  Multivitamins caters for different age and sex- A good multivitamin should be able to cater the different needs of nutrients for different walks of life. For instance, multivitamins made for pregnant women may be different to the ordinary multivitamin cater for everyone else.

5)  Multivitamins that are packed with good ingredients- A good multivitamin should be featured with more active ingredients compared to inactive ones. This means the multivitamin has more nutrients and less filler.

Some may be thinking that expensive multivitamins are the best one but this is entirely not true. Whenever a brand tries to convince you that their multivitamin is the best with an expensive tag, never give in. Affordable or cheap multivitamins with proper values of RDA or RNI will still benefit the same as the expensive one. This goes same to the brand. Any brand of multivitamins should not make a huge difference as long it is made with the right dosage. Although multivitamin may seem harmless to most people, those already diagnosed with chronic illness or taking other medications should always talk to their healthcare provider first before taking multivitamin or any kind of supplements.

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