Benefits Of Using Dell Power Vault 

Are you considering using Dell PowerVault NX3240? If yes, you’re on the right page, as you can get all the details here. This is one of the most cost-effective Nas appliances that help you make the most of the innovations in the windows storage server.

Reasons To Use Dell Power Vault

Better NAS

The power vault NX series appliances are very easy to use and managed through a central interface for a standalone configuration. They are completely OS preinstalled, which is for easy deployment optimized for file serving, and they also have clustering capabilities.

Power Edge Platforms

The vault uses completely efficient and fast power World Series appliances built on the best generation power edge rack mount technology, the latest generation that makes things pretty easy.  The memory is 64GB, and the raw capacity is around 192TB. Some of the options include SATA and SAS.

NAS Gateway Option

You can make the most of the SAN arrays for huge external expansion. You just have to installNX3340 thank you option as a perfect getaway. The support for clustering is around 64 nodes that leverage clustered shared volumes. It is possible only when connected to Power Vault and has equal logic or a Dell Compellent storage array.

Simple Management

You can spend minimum time managing your information and more time building the business using the Microsoft system centre and the remote desktop for administration features. You can consider data deduplication thin provisioning and volume shadow copy service. It is available for SMB files which will make it very easy for backup operation featuring snapshots for remote files as it shares supporting SMB-based server applications.

Latest OS

The Dell storage family has the latest software that offers windows storage software server 2016, and the performance and versatility are unparalleled. The latest software features hyper SQL software, with continuous availability and failover clustering. At the same time, there is automatic detection and multiple network connections between the client and the server, which makes all the difference.

Lastly, Dell offers end-to-end services that help in optimizing the IT lifecycle, and there are some expert services also available that will help you save a lot of time and resources while reducing effort and improving the idea experience to a great extent. There is a pro support enterprise suite also available.

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