Here are some recommendations for your trip to Japan that you

Travelling to Japan requires a lot of time and money. For two years, my wife and I lived in a van while travelling the globe with our two young children.

However, arranging a Japan trip may seem daunting. The multitude of factors, limits, and challenges made it easy to feel helpless. After a great first trip to Japan, we’ve assembled some of the best travel recommendations to help you plan your own once-in-a-lifetime journey. We’ll provide you the greatest advice if you transfer your family to Japan.

The planning process must begin as soon as possible

As experienced travellers, we’ve been in hotels on all seven continents and frequently switched lodgings with short notice. Site regulars undoubtedly know this. Not that I intend to do it in Japan soon. Ever. My best advice for visiting Japan is to allow yourself plenty of time.

Because hotel and aircraft reservations need early notice, Japan trips may be difficult to plan. Avoid stress and overload; accept things as they come; be flexible; and don’t blame yourself up if you’re refused hotel or attraction access. Your trip will certainly be great, and you’ll probably start planning your return while you’re there. As you visit japan with family you can have the best ideas.

Think on the larger picture when you arrange your holiday details

Planning the trip’s basic framework, such as flights and a rough concept of the sequence in which you will visit the most essential attractions, is the first and most crucial stage in preparing a holiday to Japan. In this post, we’ll go over a number of different strategies, methods, and approaches that may be used.

Picking the Best Places to Live

Both Narita and Haneda are part of the greater Tokyo region, however many travellers find Haneda to be more convenient. The Kansai International Airport is another alternative; it is located around an hour’s train trip from Osaka Central Station. A West Coast relative of the family just got back on an open-jaw tour that started in Osaka and finished at Haneda.

Get the most out of your Japan Rail Pass

You made the right choice by doing so, as it prevented you from wasting two more hours on the train and, depending on the details of your journey, may have allowed you to purchase a Japan Rail Pass with a shorter validity term (more on this issue is supplied below). You should look into all of your options, including your home airport and the days you want to go, because when we looked at a comparable itinerary, we noticed that the connections weren’t as good and the price was considerably greater compared to other alternatives.


The next step in travel preparation is determining the order in which you’d want to see Japan’s many must-see sites. Most tourists visiting Japan spend almost the same length of time in each of the country’s three most popular cities: Tokyo, Kyoto/Osaka, and Hiroshima. The order in which you visit the other cities in Japan should be carefully examined if, like the great majority of visitors, you want to return to Tokyo more than once during your stay.

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