Promising Business Opportunities in Turkey for Foreigners

At Asia’s and Europe’s crossroads, nestles Turkey. This destination is becoming immensely popular and offers incredible access to trade routes worldwide by sea, land, and air. Strategic location, strong economic conditions, tax reliefs, and lucrative income make it an excellent business hub. Moreover, it offers an amazing labor force and an opportunity to earn a second passport. 

So, are you planning to opt for company registration in Turkey? You must understand the profitable business opportunities a foreign investor can initiate in the land of four seasons.


With the increasing prominence of the Turkish tech ecosystem, cities like Ankara and Istanbul are becoming home to various new tech companies and startups. A technology business offers innovative projects to foreign investors. In fact, the government has also implemented various policies to boost the sector and make it more attractive for budding investors.

Hazelnut Farming

The maximum hazelnuts in the world grow in Turkey, which makes it great for hazelnut farming. One great benefit of hazelnut farming is that it prevents soil erosion, especially in locations with high rainfall. If you want to invest in Turkish agriculture, growing and selling hazelnuts is a profitable business opportunity.

Service Delivery

Small businesses in most areas do not offer delivery services. But with Turkey catching other parts of the world, home delivery has become a significant business. Turkey might have small delivery companies, but most of them specialize in food. This region offers lucrative opportunities for foreign investors to initiate a company formation to offer package delivery or grocery store delivery services.

A few key reminders: Collaborating with local businesses, grocers, and wholesalers is imperative to meet the legal requirements. Besides, you need a mobile application and a website to form this type of company in Turkey. For registered businesses or products, the app development company doesn’t necessarily have to work in Turkey.

The Tourism Hub

Tourism in Turkey recounts the historic tales of the bygone days. Recently, the land has started addressing port shortages to improve maritime tourism. The diverse prospects for tourism encourage foreign investors to opt for a company formation in this land.


Initiating a restaurant in Turkey is an excellent opportunity for investors. Given the rising tourism hub, tourists visit here every year. So, a restaurant in this hub not only gets local customers but also tourists. Authentic foods, aesthetically pleasing interiors, cordial staff members, and cleanliness can augment your restaurant’s popularity in the market in Turkey. 

Foreign Trade

Foreign trade is the best investment opportunity, as recent global trades have made the country a significant trade intermediary. Owing to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, international trading companies (including Americans) are shifting their headquarters to Turkey from Russia.

Car Rental Company

Car rental in Turkey has become popular due to heavy tourist traffic. Forming a rental company can be lucrative. But you need to keep in contact with hotels for tourists who rent cars from your company.

With the ever-booming Turkish economy, the country offers promising business opportunities to foreign investors. If you want to invest in a company, consult Fo-Consultancy for a free consultation.

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