Lap From your Shade of Festivals on Sardinia

If you are visiting Italia and can’t decide in the peaceful break consuming the sun’s sun sun rays, hiking through dense natural forests filled with wildlife, touring medieval castles, or perhaps exploring ancient stone structures dating back the Stone and Bronze Ages, we’ve the solution: mind to Sardinia. Holidays with this particular autonomous region of Italia can provide everybody that in one – and lots more besides.

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The second finest island within the Mediterranean is full of excitement throughout the year, so whether your concept of bliss is wandering through small fishing villages or gorging on tasty local cuisine and wines, you will find pleasure here.

It does not appear season you visit, however, there’s certain to be among the island’s many festivals happening. Locals don’t rely on the ‘peak’ or ‘low’ season, and there’s always some type of festival to join up in. Below, we list a couple of within the region’s finest and a lot of colourful festivals. If you are on summer time time time holiday or maybe a winter break, you are guaranteed an unforgettable time.


In Sardinia, holidays in Feb are doubly exciting as it is the month of two region’s largest and a lot of exciting festivals: Bosa Circus and Sa Sartiglia. In a number of Catholic cultures, Circus, yesterday Ash Wednesday and the start of Given, can also be every day in the circus. It is a last excuse to party before buckling lower and observing religious abstention. Bosa holds an annual Is Attittadorasa, where men dress as widows and parade using the roads chanting dirges. Even though the literal description may seem somewhat morbid, it is among the funniest and a lot of amusing traditions in the area, and individuals from around the world deal with watch and participate. Feb can also be the month of Sa Sartiglia, which takes devote the city of Oristano. In this particular three-day festival, in addition to spiritual celebrations and merrymaking, men on horseback compete in jousts along with other medieval-themed contests for local fame and prizes.


April 28th is formally Sa Die de Sa Sardigna, or Sardinia Day, in Cagliari, combined with region-wide feast within the Sardinian people. Most festivals in the area celebrate religious or periodic styles, however, that certain celebrates every day the locals rose facing their Piedmont rulers, in 1794. Among the finest days in Sardinia, holidays in this particular festival season are full of celebration and pageantry, allowing visitors a really authentic experience.

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August is the one other great month for visiting Sardinia. Holidays in this particular month mean the possibility to learn multiple festivals. Incorporated in this particular are Festa della Madonna degli Angeli in Castelsardo, across the first Sunday within the month, where musicians and dancers parade while using roads and perform, along with the Sagra del Redentore (Feast of Christ the Redeemer) in Nuoro inside the finish within the month, getting a torch-lit procession to the peak degree of Monte Ortobene, parades and live music. Other festivals in August would be the Archers’ Tournament, and Alghero’s Fireworks and Fried Fish Festival.

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